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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I just received an Onion Omega!

Back in May of last year, I became aware of a KickStarter campaign for a new uController board called the  Onion Omega.
The Campaign met it's target goal of $15k USD, and then doubled it within a couple days!

Within a month, they had Successfully raised $267,851 USD with 4,459 backer.

What makes this little board incredible besides it's diminutive size, are it's enormous specs! 

  • Dimensions: 28mm x 42mm 
  • OS: OpenWRT Linux 
  • Processor: 400MHz 32bit Broadcom Atheros AR9331
  • RAM: 64MB DDR2 
  • Flash: 16MB 
  • Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n 
  • Ports: 18 GPIO 
  • Language: Python, Node.JS, PHP, Ruby, Lua and more...

These  specs put this cool little board smack dab between the 8bit loveable Arduino and it's big 32bit brother, the RaspberryPi.

The 18 GPIO are  all digital, however there are I2C, I2S, and SPI buses for expansion should you require analog support.

The biggest "feature" of this awesome little board is the Web Interface!   The Onion Console is intended to represent a virtual desktop in your browser to control applications running on the Onion Omega!

How cool is THAT???

Anyway, cutting to the chase... A couple weeks ago, on Twitter,  @OnionIoT held a giveaway contest, and I entered... I mean, who wouldn't?  I've been working with embedded controllers and System on Chip boards for a while now, and this one definitely intrigues me. 

The following day, I received THIS tweet:

And today finally, my board, plus a dock showed up!  

Now go away... I have some playing to do!   

Thank you 




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