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Monday, 29 December 2014

Prototype Printer Controller Cont'd - Teensy 3.1 w/DC motor/encoders

Here's some more shots of the controller prototype..

I've added a DC/DC converter for clean 5v power to the electronics (5amp).  I've also added a separate 5v linear regulator for the Extruder stepper circuitry.
To get access to the extra pins on the bottom of the teensy, I used a dual row header, and bent the inside pins at a 90 degree angle, trimmed, and soldered.
The shot on the right shows the Real Time Clock crystal soldered into place.

And of course I use my 
legacy 3D extruder 
religiously to lay down layers of plastic "wire holders". 

This is where I wish I had kept all of my old wire wrap tools... Who knew I'd pick up electronics again after almost a 20 year hiatus.

Anyway, power and ground... check. 

Now to the rest of the wires..

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