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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Marlin Firmware Compiled on Teensy 3.1 and ... well..

So while I'm waiting for some assistance on my Teacup Firmware implementation, I thought I would poke around a bit in the Marlin fork that Paul Stoffregen started.  (Also read here.)

Marlin looks like it is a bit more mature than Teacup.  It has some of the same people working on it, but it supports LCD panel, as well as SD cards.  Teacup was designed to be a minimalist firmware implementation to fit the constraints of many of the Arduino variants. It is written in pure C for the most part, and is better managed from the command line.  Marlin is a bit larger, but not significantly so, and is written in C++.  

I cloned it local, and it did "compile" clean, but didn't "do" anything. The USB serial interface did initialize, in that /dev/ttyACM0 showed up, but there was no communication.

A little bit of tinkering with MACROs, and I got the USB serial working.  It is now successfully listening for and processing commands...

I've reached out to Nikki V from Freescale, to see if she has got any further in getting functionality working in Marlin.

In the meantime, I've also got the i2C_t3 Teensy variant of the Wire library installed and running the LiquidCrystal LCD library for my 20x4 LCD display. 

Now I'm looking at the ADC code in Teacup and seeing how easy it might be to bring across... This is NOT my strength for sure.. 




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